When it comes to being well dressed, size always matters. In the past 10-15 years we all wore clothes that were well fitted and flattering, sometimes even custom fitted. The latest trend however is to go big – that means the oversized clothing from the 80’s and 90’s are here. Many of us associate loose and baggy clothes with something we haven’t put much effort into or clothes that we wear on a ‘casual day’. Contrary to this belief, oversized clothing is no longer unfashionable. In fact, a quick scroll  through social media will show us an overload of oversized clothing – From hats, shirts, tops, tees, jackets, pants, dresses and even embellishments like jumbo sized sequins in party wear and big buttons on dresses are doing rounds.

Jumbo Sized Sequin Dress

Oversized Jacket

The key to wearing this trend right is to do it right, lets see the best ways to flaunt the style

  1. Stay close to your size: Oversized clothing does not mean buying clothing that are a few sizes big for you off the racks as the look should be like its purposely oversized at the proper places like a dropped shoulder top where the shoulder looks oversized or a Boxy top where the waist is looser in fit. If you wish have something which is a bit looser, stay within 2 sizes of your regular size.

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  2. Accessories: Scale up your accessories. Oversized coats and clothing are not the only things that are part of this trend. Hats have gone from normal to ‘supersized’ this season. Also adding slouchy boots to an oversized hoodie or jumper with leggings will give it an extra edge. Similarly bigger Clutches, Glasses, Scarves and Bags are all catching up to the trend.


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Accessories: Bigger Clutches


  1. Balance is Key: It is very important to not go head-on into being ‘comfy’ and piling up all oversized pieces you own at once. Keep the bottoms slim with leggings, tights or jeggings when the top is slouchy and if you choose to add volume in the bottom with flared jeans or a balloon skirt, make sure the top is fitted.

    Balance is key: Slouchy Sleeve Sweater with Pencil Skirt !

  1. Structure is important: Some of the clothing may have not structure at all which may make you look shapeless and much bigger in size. The clothing you choose needs to have some form of structure like a tight collar in an oversized shirt/ blouse. Structure can also be added by cinching the waist with a belt or tucking away a bit of the top.

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  1. Dress for your body: As always, keep your body type in mind while dressing up. Petite women must stay away from fullness at the bottom and instead opt for bigger tops. If you are curvy, flared pants with fitted tops work well for you. Full figured women should avoid anything that is too baggy as this will only make them look bigger than they are.

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Oversized clothes can be cute and stylish. So make the best of the trend while it lasts as its one of the most comfortable trend that we have seen in a while.