Winter is at its peak and the onset of cold temperatures is giving you skin troubles. Although, winters make you lazy, but you can’t ignore caring for your skin because this is the most crucial time of the year when your skin and body become rough and dry, stealing away your natural beauty.

Here are some basic tips that you should implement in your daily beauty routine for a smoother and glowing skin this fall.

#1 Face Cleansers- For a Clean and Clear Face

Get the right cleanser for your face according to your skin type and considering that it is winters, you will need something to keep your face clean and natural moisture intact.

#2 Lip Balms- For No More Chapped Lips

Dried lips are the most unpleasant things that can turn people off and you yourself would not like it. Carry a lip balm with you which will keep your lips hydrated, moisturised and soft like before. To avoid skin damage by UV rays of the sun, you can go for a lip balm with SPF. Have a few coloured lip balms in your kit, they are a great alternative for lipsticks.

#3 Moisturisers and Body Balms- To Soften your Rough Skin

It is not just about lips, but your complete skin needs a special care in winters. Get a baby like skin by using a deep moisturising cream. Choose the best one according to your skin type. You can go for a body butter or a body balm too for heavy moisturising. Incorporate its use in your daily regimen and let your skin stay soft and supple.

#4 Fragrances for Fall- Stay Refreshed

Who says fragrances are only for summers? Many people think wearing layers in winters can keep the bad smell at bay. Really? Even if your body doesn’t sweat much, you need to make yourself feel fresh.