Outfit of the day is not only the clothes you wear, but also how you style it with accessories to complete the look. I am a big fan of accessories, I like to wear my basic jeans, shirt, maxis but I also like to flip the look completely and make it look different just by accessorising it every time.

If you  love to keep up with all the latest trends, it’s essential to invest in some basics that can take you through a lot of your occasions, from work to outings! These essentials will be the Foundation of your wardrobe.They will complete & complement your outfit, with the power to elevate your look.

First must have is – Brown Sunglasses—they are much easier to match any skin or hair color than black is.

The second on my list is Belt and not just one belt but three belts. Black, Tan and any pattern belt or coloured belt. Now the trick here is to pick these belts in three sizes. Personally I like to have my black belt as the thickest belt. And then you should have a tan belt and have one inch thickness and I like to have my navy belt as the thinnest one.

In my personal experience all these three belts can create different looks for different occasions.

Next one is to have three handbags in your wardrobe. Black, Tan and any bright color.

One thing that has always been a part of my wardrobe and is an instant style statement thats a watch! Gold and Silver watch both are easy to match with any outfit.

Apart from the watch you should have few simple dainty jewellery pieces, to create that little feminine look. Nothing like big statement piece, you should have at least three basic pieces, a bracelet not a bright shiny one , go for a vintage dull color so that it matches with all your outfits.

Wear thin gold or silver chains but again muted or matt in color noting shiny or too bright and of course must have studs! 

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