Fascinated by styling your hair into curls but never had the patience to do it? So here’s a quick quide to save time and get beautiful curls using a straightener.

Keep your hair washed and completely dry before starting the process.

Prep up your hair by applying a hair serum to add the shine, control the frizz and to protect your hair from heating tools.

Apply hair volumizing mousse to add that extra volume and bounce to your hair.

Brush through your hair completely and divide into sections.

Take each section and roll your hair with hands and start ironing those sections till the tip of your hair.

Similarly complete the remaining sections and brush through your fingers to free the curls. Hence, you get beautiful curls in just minutes!

Alternate method: Instead of rolling, you can either braid complete hair or each section and iron the braids. Release the braids and brush through your fingers and get flawless curls.