Are you running late ?

Here are 5 Tips & Tricks To Follow When You Are In A Rush!

#1 The color :  If you think you are out of clothes or a pretty outfit for a party, the best way to save yourself by picking the same color top & bottom. It gives a look of a perfect dress.

#2 Accessorise : Make your plain dress look stunning by adding a chunky neckpiece to it. One can never go wrong with this trick.

#3 Carry along : When you’re running extremely late, it’s always a good idea to carry your jewelry along. Which you can wear it on the way!

#4 Footwear : Picking up a right footwear when you don’t have a time. In this situation Nude pair of shoes can be your best friend. Nude shoes go with everything.

#5  Mist : No matter how much you’re running late, never forget to carry a little bottle of perfume.  

As it comes very handy!