Did you know there are colors that suit all skin tones? Without any stress, you can just pull them over and be confident of looking great in them. Here’s a list of those gorgeous yet safe colors:

Red – A non shiny red always brings out the best in you. Radiant enough to draw all eyeballs on you!

Blush Pink – Sweet a color that brings out the feminine best in you!

Teal – Wear it as a top or a dress. It’s a color for the day or evenings.

Emerald – A rich color that will take you looking like a million bucks. Definitely a brilliant pick for your dressy evenings!

Charcoal – A wardrobe neutral with a classy edge. Works well on all occasions.

Eggplant – The depth of this beautiful purple lets you wear it as an accent color or even as classic wardrobe neutral.

Go ahead, look beautiful:)