AriesYou are a type of a person who would love to  rule the head and face, and you love getting your dramatic expressions being loved from your friends. Raised eyebrows should also be well groomed, right Aries? A smudge-proof brow crayon will be your best-kept beauty secret.

Taurus – Fragrance and Sensibility;  that could be the title of the Taurus beauty necessity. You people are fond of scents which brings out your personality.

Gemini – Gemini posses the hands which shows why you’re always waving yours around for emphasis and effect. The gorgeous nail art could be your  power. Variety is the flavor of a Gemini’s world!

Cancer – You people are water babies, and the bathtub is your sanctuary. Since, you’re a hardcore homebody that you love to take care of skin more than anything else.


Leo – Leo! As you are the most romantic sign, you never know when you’ll be falling mane over paws for the next swoon-worthy stranger. Stay kissable at all with  hydrating lipstick in any and every color of the rainbow!  

Virgo  A fresh-faced beauty is what your sign demands. That means with the beautiful glow of blush you can rule the day.

Libra – Smile for selfie. You people are always wants to get picture perfect clicked.  So prep up your face and maintain the radiant glow.


Scorpio – Your eyes, they are the soul of the window.  Let your eyes do all the talking. Glam up your eyes with the vibrant colors like Smoky blue & Turquoise.

Sagittarius – You people are fond of your hairs. You can’t let anything happen to them. To keep it volumizing and healthy, invest in the best dry shampoos.

Capricorn – You people are earthy, sophisticated, and products with chemicals are your enemy. You would rather opt for organic beauty products.

Aquarius – With your carefree personality you’re the eternal off – duty model. You are not more of a make -up but soft and smooth skin does play an important role in your life.  A razor can be your best friend which will help you flaunt your minis and shorts.


Pisces – With your sparkling and bold personality, you love to take risks and experiments. You can explore your personality with the unusual hair dye.