Ruffles are back in fashion trend for spring 2017 with decorating necklines, skirts, blouses, and even jackets.A ruffle can do the job of statement jewellery, a good handbag or major shoes if placed well.There is a ruffled look for everyone, it can be bold ruffle front dress, a frilled off shoulder top or delicately layered feminine dress.

Ruffles in tops

Ruffles added in shirts and tshirts give a girly look which can be worn as casual and also as formal shirts. It can be paired up with jeans and also casual trousers.

Ruffles in accessories

Ruffles in accessories are very much in trend in 2017 fashion. Try out the handbag with ruffled seam and footwear with ruffles totally rock it.

Ruffles in skirts/dress

Ruffles in layers added in a skirt can be worn for party as well as for casual outings. Ruffles with high low fashion and asymmetrical ruffle dress is in for 2017 fashion.

Ruffles in shorts/rompers

Rompers with off shoulder ruffle and shorts with ruffle can be seen in trend. It is perfect for rectangle body shape, which gives the illusion of curves.