Summer is all about short dresses, swimming and excitement of wearing bikinis. But it’s also about tanning and tanning really bad if we don’t give proper care to our skin.

A good sunscreen having SPF 30+ which can protect your skin from harmful UV-A/UV-B rays is a must. Inorganic chemicals in sunscreen can reflect or scatter the light away from the skin, and organic (carbon-based) ones can absorb UV rays so that our skin doesn’t. Some inorganic chemicals, including minerals such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, act as a physical sunblock.

The Kaya Sweat Proof Sunscreen SPF 30 + is water and sweat resistant sunscreen which protects your skin for up-to 8 hours against harmful UV-A and UV-B rays.

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This is oil free sunscreen , gets absorbed easily, doesn’t show white patch,it is moisturizing sunscreen and it is sweat proof and water proof. It suits for all skin types and especially for oily skins.

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Sunscreen is not only for face legs and hands, some very important areas we always fail to apply sunscreen are lips, back of the neck, ears , scalp, armpits, hair, bump, chest and feet. Protect your body with sunscreen lotion and flaunt your beautiful skin.