Have you been wondering which color suits you the best? Or you ended up buying a lipstick that doesn’t suit you at all! You can figure out which shade suits you the best by determining your skin undertone. How can you do that?   The answer to this is at your wrist!


But the first thing to keep in mind while buying a lipstick is that never buy a lipstick that is lighter than your skintone!


Cool Undertone

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If you have a pink, red, or bluish hue to your skin, you are a cool tone. You can tell your undertone is cool if the veins in your wrist look blue, silver jewelry complements your tone.

Lip colors with blue or purple shaded undertones look best for the cool undertones. Avoid lipsticks with orange shades and opt for more of red and pink lip colors.




Warm Undertone

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If the veins in your wrist look green then you have warm undertone skin. Such skin tone  have a yellow or golden hue to the skin!

People with warm undertone should go for the perfect red shade or lipsticks with orange shades.



Neutral Undertone

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If you’re unable to determine whether the veins at your wrist are blue or green, then you have neutral undertone. Such skin have pinkish hue to the skin.

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People who have neutral undertones are lucky because any color would suit their skin type! So you’re free to try out any color you wish to!

Image Source: google