shoe-storyWhich shoe will you be wearing this season and how? From thigh boots to platforms, this season shoes are daring but contrasted with more pared-down styles.

To ensure your footwear closet is looking fresh in 2017 here is a list of 5 styles or pair of shoes that are a must have for this season and will work all year long. From the fabric everyones is going to wear this year to the type of heel that will steal the show. This year its all about these five trends.

From the office to post-work drinks, each shoe makes for the perfect day to night addiction to your shoe collection.


While a satin shoe is often the go-to for formal occasions, the fabric has been reworked in a fresher, unexpectedly casual context. This season they are sleek, elegant and adds up class to every outfit. Be it frayed edge or it is about making your flats fancy – Satin is all in!!



Last year it was all about simple white sneakers, but for 2017, it’s all about updating the sleek leather material for a luxe suede sneaker. The textured detail adds an elevated look to a casual shoe style. Whether you’re looking for a neutral cream or cool navy blue, their are a lot of suede options so that you can update your sneaker selection.



So, despite its long history, the kitten heel is here to stay because it still fits the wants and needs of the modern, Fall 2017 woman. They look expensive, stylish and a different material used these days like velvet or suede gives a luxe vibe to it. Long live the kitten heel is what they say these days!



This footwear is in the spotlight right now, so you better get ready to style them with your everyday clothes, okay?! If someone asks you, what is mules, then you should answer: “It’s a kind of an amazing combination between wedges, ankle booties and clogs.” They are the perfect staple for 2017 and can work well for both day and night looks.




Are torturous runway heels a thing of the past? If this season was any indication, all signs point to yes. Designers embraced a more grounded look this season — and quite literally so, with chic evening flats and comfort-driven sandals dominating the scene. Studs and gems, fluffy and glam we have a lot of options to try from this season!


So here is how your shoe closet can get complete this 2017 making you look more stylish, more chic and more elegant. For more of such fashion stories and trends to look for keep reading…