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1. Kitten Heels:


The kitten heel has never been cooler, with sleek versions of the ladylike staple. kitten heels have long been that perfect little formula to add an arch without hurting the feet and create an air of adorable mystery.

2. Flatforms:

Flat-forms (4)

With flat-form heels and a flat sole, these are a platform and flats combination that took over the spring 2017 shoe trends throughout the Fashion Weeks. Brands really were not shy about flats it seems, and crazy prints with crazy embellishments were totally in.

3. Wrapped Up Stilettos:

Flat-forms (6)

These shoes put the emphasis on the ankle. From ruffles to buckles wrap it up, Stilettos with a ankle tie up is going to be the hottest pick of the season.

4. Comfortable Sliders:

Flat-forms (5)

Flip-flops were once a huge thing on the streets, particularly in the ‘90s. Now, we have some funky sliders appearing instead, something we noticed last spring as well. They are flats with a laid back presentation and updated for the summer with sequins and floral designs.

5. Metallic Shoes:

Flat-forms (1)

Metallic shoes was one of our favorite trends last season, and it still decides on continuing. This is one spring/ summer 2017 shoe trend that we can really have a lot of fun with, especially if we make the shoes the statement of the outfit for the day.