You’re never fully dressed without a pair of great shades and the best part is that the newest trends in eyewear is already available for our use. We all know, fashion sunglasses are notable for their originality and unusual shapes. In particular, models with triangular, oval or square frames are in vogue this season.. So we’re setting our sights on sunglasses with enough personality to punch up any outfit.


At the same time, we should choose sunglasses with extreme caution, always taking into account the type of our face. For example, those who have a narrow chin should buy oval or round sunglasses and women with round face can opt for glasses with square or rectangular frames. We promise, whatever your personal style, there’s something for everyone inside. Style fiesta offers you a wide range of in-trend shades to shop from.


AviatorsIn 2017, we also expect a spectacular comeback of famous Aviators. Although they differ in conservative and minimalist design but with their classic-cool sensibility, there may be no frames better suited for our every need than aviators.


oversizedAnother fashion trend is more like classic or neomodern over-sized glasses with dark lenses. This is the fashion trend that will accentuate your bright personality.


FLAT TOP:SQUAREThey’re a throwback with a contemporary twist, and they’re way sleeker than they ever looked in the ’80s or ’90s. Think of them as the hybrid between aviators and oversize frames with a bit more edge.


Aviators copyIts the season for a throwback fashion, we’re very into the return of these retro accessories. They’re the perfect complement for every midi skirt, high-waisted bell bottom, and denim shirtdress in your closet.


WAYFARERSWayfarers will allow you to discover sunglasses in a new perspective. This season offers models with ombre effect from dark to lighter shades. This trend can be most clearly seen in the new collections of Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.



The most glamorous and flirtatious of our favorite sunglasses, these give whatever we’re wearing more style in a seriously sophisticated way.


GOGGLESGoggles are still in vogue this season. Their frames can be both massive and lightweight. This year, they are presented in a simple, sleek design, with a thick frame in most cases.



They don’t just hide tired eyes with their reflective lenses, they also up the ante on everything we wear, adding cool-girl prowess to even our most basic outfits.

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So, Stop thinking and get your Pair of shades right now!

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