Wondering how to purchase the right Abaya to suit your body type? We give some quick and simple tips:

How To Shop The Right Abaya (4)

1  Understand your body type: When it comes to buying the right abaya that would enhance your appearance, the first and foremost tip is to stay away from designs that cause craving to buy just on the basis of the design. Make sure you first understand the design of the Abaya and the fabric to ensure that it suits your body type and will keep you comfortable all day long.

2  Buy the right size: If you buy Abaya online, ensure that you study the size chart mentioned with the design before placing the final order.

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3  Look for customized abaya sizes:  Most manufacturers also offer abaya sizes that can be customized as per the client’s needs.  This might help you choose the right abaya that would fit your body perfectly well. Another point to note is specifically looking for the garment length and bust size, as they matter the most.

4  Check for the fabric and the design: When shopping for abaya online, using pictures of the design as reference is advised, but completely relying on them is not the right option. It is best advised to choose the abaya that you would feel comfortable and fresh in.

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5  Choose the fabric that suits the climate: Depending on geographical locations, abaya’s are made in different fabrics that would suit the residents of the particular location. For India, abayas are mostly in light fabric.

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6  Buy from reputed manufacturers/dealers: When it comes to shopping for abaya online, it is best advised to search for the manufacturer’s site or for e-commerce site that have a reputed name.