All White!!

White is the classic color that never goes out of fashion and is major wardrobe essential for all. While other colors come and go, white is always a hot trend, especially during hot season such as spring and summer. Simple, clean, fresh and bright- whites are the new black. Nothing is like a clean slate.This clean palette of white crop tops, white shorts, white rompers, white shirts, white pants and everything else white are so necessary.  Here are some looks created by mixing a group of completely white piece or other trending fashion with whites. This season keep the palette of clothing and style basic, clean and essential with white fashion.

Look 1 – A little 90’s



Get this perfect spring look which is sporty yet chic at same time. Stylize it with choker and plaids  which has a come a long way since the ’90s.

Look 2- White Shirt Redux



White Shirt Should be at the Top of Our Shopping List Now. Reconstitute the classic white shirt in a fashionable way to get a real transformation of your white shirt.The shirt becomes a shirt, and the buttons become a sexy slit.

Look 3 – Revolutionize your geeky side!



One of our favorite trends to come out of the spring collections this year is the wide-leg trouser. It’s tailored, classic, but boasts a silhouette that turns heads all the same. Pair these white trousers with the hottest trends of horizontal and vertical stripes and stylize to get a hot and geeky look.

Look 4 – Kill ‘em with Style



We’re crushin’ on playsuits this season. Get this playful yet sophisticated look with this white playsuit which is the perfect combination of this season’s hottest trends.

Styling Credits – Astha Rai
Photography – Vipin Vidyaranya