There are a number of different nail art techniques you can use to create unique designs. They can be used alone or combined with others to make a look that reflects you. Some of them are easy to learn, and you will need little or no practice to get a great look.  Others nailarts will require a little persistence before they look right.




The stamping nail art technique  allows anyone to have detailed images on their nails. From animal prints like zebra stripes and leopard spots to intricate designs to images of fruit.  There are thousands of different images to choose from.

This nail art technique needs practice before it can be mastered. From the angle you use the scraper at, to picking up the design on the stamp and placing the image on your nail.  Each step has its own little quirks that need to be learned.



The sponge nail art method uses (as the name suggests) a sponge.  Sponging allows you to build up color slowly or easily blend two or more together. It’s great for creating galaxy or gradient nail art.

You can start with a gradient base and then add a stamped design on top. Alternatively you can tape off sections of your nail and add another color, allowing your gradient below to peak out from below.

Little or no practice is required to master this method.  It’s pretty much fool-proof.



The dotting nail art method uses a tool to create dots. These can be used to make patterns, flowers, lines and rows.

You can also combine this with other techniques like stamping and sponging.

This method is great as you can learn as you go.  You can start with simple designs and then work your way up to more complicated ones.



The taping nail art method allows you to tape off areas of your nail and apply another coat of polish. With this method, you’ll be able to create laser, half moon, French tips manis with crisp clean lines.

This is something that anyone with little or no nail art experience will be capable of doing easily.