The use of scarfs has become very common these days. They have an ability to provide an instant boldness to your boring attire. Scarves can transform the look of any dress be it a simple white t-shirt or a printed summer attire.

Like always it is quite challenging for plus size women to decide on what kinds of scarfs they should choose and how to wear those. So this summer keep these tips in mind to create your own style statement with scarf.


Think about the size

Giant, thick, oversized scarf is likely to add bulk and volume to the figure of a large-busted woman – or, really, any woman – especially if she also has a shorter neck and/or long and voluminous hair. On the other hand, there’s something to be said for scale: A teeny silk square may look lost on your frame, or make your bust appear even bigger. So depending on your personal figure flattery priorities, you might consider tracking down a medium-sized scarf that feels like it matches the scale of your unique frame.


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Avoid Bulk

Many of the scarves in trendy shops are thick enough to be winter blankets. As I mentioned above, I don’t have a large bust, and even I find these impossible to style and wear. With a larger bust, you probably want to avoid making your head and chest appear as one, which thick, bulky scarves tend to do. So select a scarf that is fairly lightweight and thin. The thinner it is, the larger it can be: A featherweight cashmere pashmina will generally work better than an inch-thick skinny muffler.


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Consider Placement

Most of my large-busted clients prefer to keep jewelry and scarves above the bustline. Not ALWAYS, but most of the time. A long necklace can bounce off the bust as you walk, and a long scarf can drape awkwardly. Think about how your scarf will interact with the other elements of your outfit, and where on your body you’d like it to rest. If you pick a spot above the bustline, be especially mindful of size and bust to avoid merging your head, neck, and bust with an overwhelming scarf. If you wear your scarf long and draped, create a configuration or use a tie that feels natural to you.


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Explore various ties

Speaking of ties, finding creative ways to fold, bend, twist, and otherwise corral your scarves into knots and shapes that suit your figure and taste is the key to making them work with ANY figure. For women with large busts, consider the twisted rope tie (shown above) which shrinks a larger scarf into a dense, manageable size, the French Twist, an ascot or cowboy knot. If you’ve got larger, thinner scarves that you’d like to style, take a peek at this fabulous video that shows 25 scarf ties in less than five minutes. Many may feel too voluminous, but see especially the bunny ear, the hidden knot, and the shell roll.


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Avoid infinity scarfs

Scarves with two ends are easier to tie and manipulate. Infinity scarves can be looped once or twice and that’s it. Since that generally creates a pile of looped cloth on top of and draping over the bust, it won’t work for many large-busted women. (“Many,” not “all” – if these work for you, enjoy! But they’re challenging on many.) Tying two ends of a rectangular scarf to create your own infinity loop can work better because you can control the length and placement of the knot.


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