Clothes only makes up only one part of your look. A bright lipstick, a pop nail color, nice liner and mascara are all fun ways to add on to your looks. Makeup is one of the most important part of your look. Hence, this is the most versatile styling tips for plus size women, to bring the attention towards your face by applying right kind of make up.


So, when it comes to makeup, one of the most important component is lipstick. Even if you apply the right shade for your skin tone, you may not end up with the best results. To avoid such situations follow the steps to get the perfect lipstick day.

Prep it up

Always start with prepping your lips. Apply a lip balm/lip conditioner to make the lips soft and supple. Then, apply a lip primer as that would make the lip color stay on longer and wont let the color bleed.


Apply a base coat

It is important to even out your lips before applying the lip color. Choose a concealer of the shade that matches your lip color, and then apply it with a small fluffy or flat brush. Apply compact powder over it to seal the powder. This technique also makes the lip color stay longer.


Make an outline 

Ensure that you line your lips with a color that matches/complements your lipstick to prevent feathering. Apply it properly from one corner to the other on both the upper and lower lips, drawing the line along the outline of your lips.Once you are done lining the lips, fill the entire lip area with the same pencil. This would hold the color of your lipstick intact and it will stay put for a longer time.


Apply the Lipstick

Once you are done applying the lip pencil, take a lip brush and put the lipstick of your choice. Apply it all over the lips. Start from the center of the lip and move it onto the outer corners. Repeat the same procedure for the lower lip. Ensure you apply it within the outlines of the lip pencil. If you are not so good at using a lip brush to apply the color, you can directly use the lipstick for the application.


Define it and give it the final touch.

It is very important to make the lips looks more defined, for that use a concealer on a small flat brush and work on the edges of the lips. Blend the concealer gently, making it disappear onto the skin. This way you can also correct the shape of your lips, as well as make them look more defined and perfectly done.


Finish the look by adding a hint of lip gloss for a glam look, just keep it simple for a day wear.