“Only an excellent fabric can originate an excellent fashion.” says Nino Cerruti. Choosing a dress material for a plus size fashion is the most important step to make a perfect fit garment. Making a right choice for a right dress materials is a challenging task, due to the hundreds of colors, patterns, textures and fabrics in the market. When you walk into stores you will get plenty of options for dressmaking fabrics, but you need to understand the fiber content of the fabric before you buy it as it affects a garment’s design, durability, comfort and care requirements.


Getting it tailored is the best option for all the plus size women as it provides you the custom fit and personalised garment specifically made for your body type accentuating your assets and camouflaging your pitfalls.

So find out the tricks to choose a perfect dress material/ fabric for your body type.

  1. What type of dress material or fabric to choose?

You should always stick to fabrics which flows with your body structure and provides you a proper base. Natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen etc. provides a firm fit and are easy to sew. Synthetic fabrics like chiffon, georgette, crepe, satin , semi satin are also a good choice, as these flows with your structure and gives a nice silhouette to the garment.


2. Prints plays an important role.

Pick prints which helps you in camouflaging your pitfalls. Prints like aztec prints, geometric prints, abstract prints do wonders. One of the most important point to be kept in mind while looking for a perfect print is , you need to decide on the size of the motifs in the prints as it affect the whole look of the garment. You should stick to a normal size neither too big, nor too small which compliments your body size. As bigger and bold prints will make you look even more bigger, very tiny prints will get merged on your body size making it look like a plane solid fabric.


3. Patterns and colors are equally important.

Patterns includes different types of techniques which can be used to as a tool to create the perfect illusion. Such as, color blocking, embroideries and ombre affect can be used smartly to camouflage your pitfalls and accentuate your assets. Placement of the embellishments matters a lot in this case, you need to buy the fabric keeping in mind about its placement on the garment.


No matter what whether it is work or party, clothes can make or break your confidence ! So keep these tips in mind next time you go shopping for dress material and remodel your wardrobe.