Watches comes in different styles and sizes, and can be worn as a functional accessory or a stylish piece of jewelry. When it comes to watches for women  lots of styles are available in the market. Ladies watches are very important part of one’s wardrobe, hence it is necessary to know some basic guidelines for choosing right watch for plus size women.


1.Don’t buy a watch with a too big dial

Dials of the watches are measured in milimeters. Choose a watch within the average dial size of 34mm to 50mm. Don’t opt for a bigger dial, as it make look too bulky and huge on your wrist.


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2. Buy a watch which compliments your wrist size.

Size of the watch as a whole including the dial and band is very important. You should always opt for a watch which compliments your wrist size. Should never opt for huge or big watches if your wrist is thin or delicate, and vice versa.


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3. Buy a watch which fits you properly.

A watch should appear comfortable, natural, and certainly not sloppy. It may be necessary to adjust it as needed, to accommodate natural fluctuations in wrist size. Depending upon the style of the watch, you need to check the fitting of the watch band. For Eg. bracelet or bangle style watches can be worn snugly, or loose around the wrist.


4. Match your watch with your other accessories

You should always match your watch with your other accessories, as watches can be as stylish as the other accessories, rather than just being a functional accessory. It should compliment your your full attire or your look. For eg If you are wearing sneakers, then a sports watch would be appropriate whereas if you are going for a wedding, a gold or silver metal strap will compliment your look.


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Do keep these points in minds while shopping for watches. You can also check out the  interesting, latest styles of watches here.