The saree is one the oldest outfit for indian women.Usually plus-size women do not pay a lot of attention to embroidery and embellishments while shopping for sarees, but they can be used very effectively to appear slimmer. Indian designer’s are experimenting with different designer saree styles. But every style is not appropriate for each body shape.


Plus size women should identify the most attractive parts of their body and highlight them using bright coloured embroidery. But, should be careful with the use of sequins, they look only good in moderation because otherwise they can make you look large. Here are few tips to buy embroidered sarees for plus size women

Stay away from all over  heavy embroidered sarees:

Plus size women should stay away from all over heavy embroidered sarees, as it adds more bulk to their bodies.



A big no to heavy & broad  borders:

Heavy broad borders cuts the height of the person and widen the frame, resulting in making one look more bulk and heavy.


Opt for long length blouses with embroidery

Long length blouses gives a shape to your body structure and helps in camouflaging your tummy area. Embroidery on the blouses draws one’s attention towards your upper half giving you an illusion of looking tall.


Placement of embroidery motifs matters.

Choose sarees which have embroidery in right direction or have right placement of motifs to make you look proportionate and balanced.


Check out few embroidered sarees here: