Untitled design (1)Say hello to Sasha Jairam.
She was just another girl with a head full of dreams and oodles of talent to match, when she entered 11th grade at an International School in Bangalore. But things did not go as planned. Very soon, she faced constant bullying from her peers. This got worse and left her so traumatised that there were days when Sasha ate her meals in the restroom, weeping. This experience made her insecure, bruised her confidence level, battered her self-esteem and left her broken.
She says, “I got up every morning not wanting to go through another horrifying day at school”. After months of this ordeal, with no friends to stand by her, Sasha finally couldn’t take it anymore. She decided to drop out and was homeschooled till she joined another school for her 12th grade. Experiencing bullying taught her a good deal about herself and made her see things a lot differently.

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She says, “Then I realised friends are not my first priority, family is.”
During the time when she was homeschooled, she started clicking a lot of pictures and it was her mother who pointed out how good she was. This got her thinking about taking up photography as a career. She remembers how her mother was completely supportive, but her father  was slightly skeptical of her decision initially, as he felt it was a risky profession to rely on, only to say after a few hours how she should go for whatever makes her the happiest.
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Let’s fast forward to a few years. She just turned 20 and was chosen as the photographer for Femina Miss India, 2016. Currently studying Fashion Photography in London College Of Fashion, she has had her work featured on Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar. In London, she assists a leading photographer who she does not want to name.

Having shot over 70 fashion models in Bangalore, and having worked for fashion houses in India and Greece. there’s no stopping Sasha! Have a look at some of her works:

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I look at this young, immensely talented girl and ask, “What are your dreams for the future, Sasha?”, to which she says, “I want to be my own boss. i don’t see myself working under somebody else. I want to travel the world and do what I love: shoot! I want to be the finest fashion photographer India has ever seen.”

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Listening to her story brought images of Taylor Swift’s iconic, “Mean” flashing through my mind. I sat there, looking at her, thinking how being a rebel isn’t always about a bold girl sporting short hair, ripped denim, cropped top, multiple tattoos, eccentric behaviour, trying to prove a point to the society by being her own real self and not owing to the pressures of her peers. A rebel can also be a soft spoken, extremely polite, down to earth, humble and an introverted young girl, clad in a floral summery frock, with plenty of accolades in her kitty, who rebelled against her own emotions, rebelled against her own weaknesses, rebelled against the voices in her head, which kept saying, “Maybe you aren’t good enough for anything”, rebelled against self-doubt and came unscathed and now stands tall as an inspiration to many, to find oneself, chase dreams and not people.

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Dear Sasha,

Having you on #VoonikBeARebel has been an absolute pleasure!
Continue to slay it!


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