Types ofSilk sarees have been in fashion since forever, came propagated with great history and cultural significance. Be it in traditional attire or a party attire, silk sarees always wins the game, it never fails to give its grand and rich feel. Silk sarees symbolizes taste of excellence and high esteem and has become the most occasional and graceful form of clothing in India.

Here is the list of most common types of silk sarees that you can find in the market today.

Banarasi Silk Sareesbanarasi

Banarasi has always been the first preference for Indian women, especially on the wedding.These sarees have exquisite designs and luxurious embroidery that are capable of imparting an incredible amount of grace and beauty to any woman’s contour that every woman wants to possess. Bright and colorful dyeing of the best quality silk fabric is one of the notable features of Banarasi handloom silk sarees.

Kanjeevaram Sareeskanjiv

Kanchipuram Sarees are the most popular sarees in the south and the sarees are quite famous for its Zari work and elaborate design. Sarees that are made with golden and silver thread considered perfect for bridal wear. Mysore Silk Sarees, Kasavu Sarees and Uppada Sarees are also popular in South India as well as across the country.

Baluchari sareesbaluchari

The Baluchari sarees are figured silk saree produced in the town of Baluchar in Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Baluchar sarees essentially have a silk base and avoid strong contrasts. These have detailed scenes from religious epics of India depicted on them and also other figures like horse with a rider, women smoking hookah and court scenes.

Chanderi Silkchand

Chanderi sarees come from Madhya Pradesh and are known for being light-weight and very comfortable. The patterns imprinted on these sarees are usually taken from the Chanderi temples.

Bhagalpuri Silkbhagal

These sarees gain their popularity because of their affordability and friendly designs. These sarees are a perfect daily wear option and add a nice oomph! A factor to your style.The kind of choices you get through this saree are endless.

Mysore Silkmysor

Mysore silk sarees are yet another gift from South India. They are widely used in religious ceremonies in India. The best part is that they are very reasonably priced, which is a plus when buying silk garments that are priced on the higher side.

Tussar Silktussar.

Tussar Silk is the best silk produced in the country and the reason is the delicacy in the  weaving style as well as the thread work. These are derived out of a particular type of silkworm that is found in South Asia. Tussar silk sarees come majorly in neutral tones such as honey and beige.

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