A skirt is a woman’s prerogative, making her look her feminine best.

Want to appear slimmer & instantly chic, no matter what the occasion? A pencil skirt is one of the most important wardrobe essentials that one must invest in. This feminine piece of garment is so versatile that it can take you anywhere, from a professional office to a party in the evening or even for a casual outing. All you need to do, is play around with type of tops, accessories & footwear.

At work: Combine the pencil skirt with a formal shirt or blouse, minimalist pearl jewellery and a pair of closed heels for a “woman of substance” look. Stick to a darker, neutral color palette for your skirts and heels, whilst using lighter color or pastel tops. And do add a formal jacket to up your credibility!


For dressy evenings: What could make you look hotter than a pencil skirt. Style your ensemble with a sexy top, high stilettos & chandelier earrings and you are ready for some envious eyes. Work your way with a richer, deeper color palette.


Dressy day: Show your vibrant, happy side by wearing a brighter solid or printed skirt. Team it up with a contrast color top. Throw in some pretty jewellery and a pair of heels.


For a casual day outing: How about looking stylish even during these outings? Here you go… Just pullover a basic, simple top or a tee with flat sandals or shoes with your skirt. Try to stick to colors that are not too dark.


This timeless wardrobe must-have apparel piece has been boosting the confidence of women everywhere for decades and it’s now hotter than ever. No matter what your body shape is, a pencil skirt can flatter your figure for sure. Triangle and round body shape can opt for firmer fabrics, darker colors and/or busier prints. Leaving your tops untucked also works for round body shapes by concealing the bigger tummy.

Hope these reasons are enough to make you start shopping pencil skirts rightaway 🙂