Espadrilles are light summer flats, which are generally made of some natural materials and have specific flexible soles, which are made of rope or rubber as a rule. In order to create some successful combinations with espadrilles, you need to know some basic things about them for the beginning. For instance, you need to know that they are worn exclusively barefoot and no way else and that espadrilles may be both flat and on wedges.

So here are few style tips 🙂

How to Wear Flat Espadrilles

Starting with the espadrilles having flat forms which are the most comfortable and great variants of all. And most of all they are suitable for styles like casual, military, street, the navy, and safari. They are ideal to be used for adding some chic, accentuating the uniqueness and, of course, securing the comfort.

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Espadrilles are also ideally compatible with any type and shape of denim pieces, be that skinny jeans, shorts, shirts, skirts, or jumpsuits. Picking bottoms with natural fabrics for matching them with espadrilles is also a good idea.


Coming to dresses, we may also recommend them as nice play pairs with flat espadrilles, since they will accentuate your charm and beauty.

How to Wear Wedge Espadrilles

As for the espadrilles on wedges, we may say that they really look chicer and more elegant. Accordingly, the pieces they come matched with should also be chic and feminine and in this respect you may try out the dresses and skirts made of linen and cotton. Because they nicely combine the peculiarities of the casual comfort and chic, many ladies, including the popular celebs pick them for their everyday looks. All types of pants and jeans are recommended in this case, too. Dresses with sporty inspirations may also be matched with wedge espadrilles.


When picking shoes for your everyday looks the factor of comfort should not be neglected. So if espadrilles become your choice, you are sure to have all in one!

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