coverShaping the bust has always been an important part of women’s fashion. For plus size women, it is particularly vital to lift the bust, in order to create length and definition through the upper body’s curves. Although not all plus size women have a large bra cup size, their breasts tend to be heavier; therefore, finding the right bra can make a big difference not only in terms of style, but also comfort. By finding their true bra size, and experimenting with different styles, women with fuller figures can find a bra that looks and feels great.

Bras that Support and Flatter Plus Size Women



Full cups cover most of the breast, offering both more coverage and support. A full cup bra will not cause a visible line or indentation along the top of the breasts, so is a great design choice under form-fitting clothing. Full cups also tend to have center pull straps. This reduces strap slippage.



Contour cups hold their shape, even when not worn. These cups have an underwire and are lined with a thin layer of foam. Contour cups are a perfect choice for plus size woman seeking a sculpted silhouette, as they offer a specific round and symmetrical breast shape. A contour cup can also add definition to the breast, a smooth shape, and elimination of nipple contours.


full cup bra

Balconette cup cuts horizontally just above the bust line and give ones breasts the look of fullness and uplift. They will also have vertical seams just under the bust to give added boost. A balconette cup usually has a little padding to enhance bust size as well.For larger busts,  it supports and gives shape to the round body.



A minimizer cup gives the appearance of reducing the projection of your breasts. A minimizer cup distributes the breast flesh more towards the underarm and the center front. A minimizer only shifts breast mass in areas other than directly in front. These bras pull the breasts in, creating the illusion of a smaller size. They work well with clothing that fits too snugly across the chest. Look for minimisers that lift upwards, and then spread the bust for a clean line that does not make the middle look heavier.