Playing with the placements of patterns in your dress is smartest move to create illusion. Right placement of a pattern on the dress is like a camouflage as the right mix will make the eye bounce around, rather than stick upon your pitfalls.

MIX PRINTS WITH REPETITIVE COLOR (Best suitable for Triangle body shape)


triangle sss

Mix the prints with the shades of the same color and place the patterns according to the assets and the pitfalls of your body shape creating a monochromatic look which automatically gives a flattering look.


As in the image above, patterns with lighter shades are placed at the upper half and patterns with darker shades are placed at the bottom half. The placements of the print makes the model look proportionate and giving a flattering look due to the monochromatic look all over.


USE SOLID TO BREAK THE PRINTS (Best suitable for Wide Rectangle)


rectangle image

Combining the solids with prints creates an automatic balance in the design. The break created by the solid color helps in creating an illusion of curves at the desired areas.



As in the picture above, solid color is placed at the waist breaking the monotonous direction of the prints. This break is creating an illusion of curve at the waist line, where as the print is making the body look proportionate.


ALL OVER DISTRACTING PRINTS (Best Suitable for Apple body shape)





All over pattern distract the eyes in all the directions at the same time, which ends up giving a camouflage affect.



As in the image above prints are distracting the attention from the heavy upper body and making it look proportionate.



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