Hello Gorgeous!

The year has finally started and we need to get our game-face-on! It’s time for some serious resolutions which shall define your Style Quotient for 2016!

Fashion Resolutions are Important for more many, many reasons. But most importantly, it leaves you feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin. It gives you the warm feeling of achieving something you decided upon and in turn looking oh-so-fabulous!

Here are our top resolutions for this year:

  • Get your Lingerie game Right This year lets vouch to buy beautiful, grown-up lingerie that makes us feel like a goddess inside and out! Make sure it’s just the perfect fit, measure and wear a zillion times just to be sure before splurging! 


  • Take a RiskBreak away from your safe-clothes and try something out of the box! You’ll feel like quite the adventurous diva! To start with, go with something simple like opting for Pop-Colors instead of sticking to your Neutrals!


  • Focus on the Details – Let your outfit details speak for you this year! Remember to accessorize well, and get your Jewellery ideas right in place! Well matched jewellery can immediately uplift your everyday look and transform it into something Unique!


  • Dress to ImpressWaiting for that big promotion at work or for that cute guy in college to ask you out? You know what makes a huge impact? How you present and carry yourself! Put your best foot forward and look your best no matter where you go, because an opportunity might just be lurking around the corner! 


  • The All-Purpose Bag – Invest in an expensive bag that will take you from Weekdays to Weekends. We suggest you go for a Tote Bag with exquisite details which can fit all your work-stuff yet be trendy enough to flaunt it over the weekends parties.


  • Ace the Make-Up GameLast but definitely not the least, acing make-up tricks has to be one of the most important resolutions for every girl! Make sure you don’t over-do your makeup, also find the perfect shade of Foundation and look for the LipColor that just lifts up your face! Make-Up tricks are endless, it’s your year to explore!


So Ladies, here are our top resolutions!

Tell us what tops your list for 2016!