Hey You! 

With the full-blown winter forcing us to cover up those pretty summery dresses, we think it’s high time we figure out all about Jackets.

For starters, not many of us are well versed with the variations and types of jackets and coats which is why a lot many of us shy away from experimenting with jacket silhouettes and cuts. 

But no more of that! This season should definitely bring out the experimental fashionista in you and so let’s start with the basics. 

trench  copyTHE TRENCH COAT – A loose, belted, double-breasted waterproof coat inspired by those worn originally by soldiers. 

anorakTHE ANORAK – A waterproof jacket, typically with a hood, inspired by those worn in polar regions.

dusterTHE DUSTER COAT – A light, loose-fitting long coat inspired by those originally worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust.

PeacoatTHE PEACOAT – A short double-breasted overcoat made from wool and inspired by those originally worn by sailors.

blazerTHE BLAZER – A jacket that is worn over a shirt and looks like a suit jacket but is not part of a suit.

bomberTHE BOMBER JACKET – A short jacket that finishes at the waist with an elasticated band and often has a thick lining, typically made of sheepskin.

bikerTHE BIKER JACKET – Also known as a motorcycle jacket, a leather jacket inspired by those worn by motorcycle riders that falls to the waist and usually has zips and studs.  

tuxedoTHE TUXEDO JACKET – Also known as a dinner jacket, a dress jacket has grosgrain lapels and is worn to formal occasions. 

capeTHE CAPE JACKET – A sleeveless, short cloak that is open and loose in the front and fastens around the neck. 

So now that you know all-about-jackets, it’s time to Splurge on some!

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