Double dupatta vs single dupatta

Your outfit is ready, your jewellery is all set and now the only thing left to decide is – Will you take one dupatta , or two ? So ladies lets face it, this tiny issue becomes one of the biggest question to complete your wedding attire.

So heres is the solution for it.

Go for a 2nd dupatta if:

Double dupatta

  • You want to go for a royal-classic look:  Double dupattas give a more classic, Royal and Regal feeling. If the entire look you are going for is Old Regal look, then pick a second dupatta. It’s totally a personal preference.
  • Your first dupatta is small: If your present dupatta is less than 2.5 meters, it’s will not be able to give a proper drape in front and go over your head. Then you will definetely need a second dupatta to do the needful.
  • You want to add a contrast to your outfit:  If Its a tonal lehnga then you can add a color that is already there in your lehenga or bring a contrast in. If your lehenga is already a riot of colors, then tone it down by picking the same color as the original dupatta.
  • You want to create a illusion with your tummy: Two dupattas will give you a range of styling and draping options which can create illusion and cover your problem areas pretty well.

Go for single dupatta if:


  • You are going for a modern- contemprory look: If a smart monochrome lehenga with no bling is your choice, then all you need is contemprory make-up with red lipstick for sure and one single dupatta that softly rests on your head.
  • You want to keep it simple: Less amount of fabric on you, less handling you have to do. If you want to be a fuss free bride, stick to one dupatta.
  • The wedding is in summers: If you are getting married in extreme summers then better avoid another piece of fabric draped on your body. That will only cause irritation.
  • Your lehenga and your blouse is of different color, and lehnga has two or more colors: If there is a lot going on with your lehenga already, keep the dupatta simple and elegant. Adding another layer will just add to the complicacy.

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