Think about your most epic playlist — the perfect blend of “Uptown Funk,” “lean on,” and some old-school Bey. Whether you’re fighting your way out from under the covers the morning after a late, great date or struggling through the first week you’ve given up caffeine, that music has you ready to roll.

Your workout wear needs to reflect who you are and who you want to be post your workout.Here are some of our picks for the best workout clothes that would definitely have you sweating it out in the gym. We guarantee you the hotness meter would be on a rise!

Sports Bra – During workouts the sports bra is always a recommended thingy. It provides a firm support to the breasts while at the same time it eases movement of the chest and arms. Sports bras either have T-backs or the regular double straps.

Sports Bras

Workout Jackets – Comfy jackets while running when there’s a nip in the air or idle for post workouts.

Workout Jackets

Track Pants – The basic essential of any gym wear. These pants come in various lengths. The stretchable fabric eases body movement.


Running Shorts – Shorts perfect for those outdoor summer runs.

running shorts (2)

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