DIY Diwali

As we begin the Diwali countdown, coming up with original innovative ideas for our very own personalized Diwali gets more and more important. But before you start panicking, fear not as we are here to save the day!

The first of many DIY Diwali posts to come, this one talks about particularly easy DIY techniques for the beginner. So this Diwali instead of buying over-priced junk decor from the market, make your own and inspire the one’s around you by your creativity.

And of course, doing your own DIY means recycle and reuse of previously owned scraps, for which you definitely deserve a genuine pat on the back!

The Fruity Candle 

Make candles in fruit peels like orange to have a beautiful looking and smelling candle. To perfect this candle, don’t forget to cut out an edgy shape towards the top of the fruit.


Paper-Cup Lamps 

If you like DIY projects then get creative with old paper cups. Paint them or just buy the fancy ready-printed one’s from your local grocery mart. Add a light bulb to it and create a chain or simply make hole in the centre of the cup’s bottom and string it along fairy lights.


Diwali Goodie Bowl 

This Diwali gift some sweetness packed in these recycled papier mache bowls made out of scraps of newspaper, handmade paper and fabric scraps. Use this innovative bowl for giving away goodie boxes or just use it to keep plain simple candy for the kids.


Cinnamon Stick Candles 

What if you could create awesome rustic looking candles which also smelled heavenly? All you need are unscented candles, cinnamon sticks and some twine. Placed single or grouped together, tie them around the candle and no doubt these will be the highlight of your Diwali decor.


Cardboard Rangoli 

Okay Rangoli with colors has become an easy affair now thanks to the ready made kits and stencils available in the Market. But if you want to create a portable, recycled and simple rangoli design idea then this awesome idea for you. Make the design on cardboard with appropriate colours and then cut out the exact shape and make something that can be used over and over again. Recycled Rangoli! Isn’t that just a dream!


SeaShell Candle 

Remember all those seashells you have been collecting from your trips to Goa, it is the time to put them to some beautiful use with these candles. Set the candles in the seashells and you’ll be the talk of your home guests till the next Diwali is knocking on your door!


So lovelies, try out these kitschy ideas and stay tuned for more!

With a week left for Diwali (give or take a couple of days), you’ve gotta hurry up and get crafting with us!

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