An unflattering photo is enough to leave us annoyed, making our confidence levels come crumbling down. Being photogenic can certainly be learned with a few simple tips.

  • To appear thinner on the face, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling.
  • Stick out your chin slightly, to avoid looking like you have a double chin.
  • If hair is left open, keep one section in front of the shoulder and the other behind the shoulder.
  • If hair is tied, make sure it isn’t too tight, as it will make your face appear larger and severe.
  • Angle your shoulders/body sideways with one foot in front of the other for a trimmer appearance.
  • When wearing shorter sleeves or sleeveless, be aware of the angle that enlarges/widens the arms making it appear unflattering. Try to place the hand on the hip or elsewhere.
  • Dress well with proper lingerie as this sets the foundation.
  • If sitting in photos, cross your legs at the ankles and keep it at the back or at the side.
  • Let no one take pictures from below as it can make your lower looks huge.