Your choice of nail colour for a party is going to be vastly different from the shade you might choose for work or a date.

For shorter nails pick nail polishes that are more demure and subtle in professional settings. Longer nails are always attention getting no matter what polish colour you chose, so keep it classy and elegant and you will never go wrong.

Colours to wear for a professional environment – Neutral shades work best for the professional environment. You don’t want to let people judge you by the colours you wear!

work shades

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Colours to wear for a party – When you are out with the girls you want to keep up a fun and sassy vibe. The colour on your nails can go a long way to keeping your energy level up and your night sparkling. Metallic shades are always a winner!

party shades

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Colours to wear for a day date or brunch – Always an exciting event and one most women spend hours preparing for. Nails are no exception in the seduction game so we’ve chosen some delicious shades to help get you in the mood. Colours for the day events can be bright and spunky!

day colours

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Happy shopping for these lovely colours!