We cannot get enough those dreamy Mashru calf-length kurtas by Sanjay Garg at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’16.

Mashru fabric with cotton on one side and silk on the other, originated as a way for Muslims to wear silk without breaking sharia law, which prohibits the luxury of wearing silk.

Beautifully crafted, underrated opulence was the call of the day. Garg explored three different variations of it for his latest collection–the gulbadan, with delicate floral motifs; the danedar, in which floats of cotton weft resemble polka dots; and ashrafi, a circular motif reflective of ancient coins, filled with an intricate chevron pattern.

Untitled design (10)

The Brilliant Blues

Untitled design (11)

The Black Ballad

Untitled design (12)

The Ravishing Reds

Untitled design (13)

The Glamorous Greens

The stand-out pieces were definitely the calf-length kurtas with the cigarette fit pants, detailed with gold tone-on-tone motifs and subtle stripes.

We were bowled over by these pieces, were you?

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