D.I.Y pool hair treatmentDon’t we all love taking a dip into the swimming pool while sipping on some juices and enjoying good poolside music ?

While we take a lot of precautions for our skin before entering the pool do we also take care of our hair?

Chlorine which is added to the pool water is basically for disinfecting the water bacteria. But this also harms our hair. So let me help you out with a quick homemade remedy to help revive your hair after a good time at the pool.

All you need for this is..

  • One cup cucumber paste (pureed in blender)
  • One egg
  • Two tablespoons olive oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and add the mask to your hair, massaging it into the roots. Let the mask be on your hair for 15-20 minutes before you wash your hair. Let your hair dry naturally. Repeat the process twice a week and let your hair shine !