Winter is Coming! Indeed it is. 

As we all know, the harsh winters leaves our precious skin feeling dry and flakey. It’s a nightmare for some of us isn’t it? Worry not lovelies, we at Voonik bring to you a range of winter care products that will make your winter woes disappear!

Also, we all know the value of a good winter care regimen, keeping that in mind we also jotted down our favourite winter skin and hair tips. Follow these with all the dedication you have and we promise to save you from your dry skin woes.

Apply moisturizer after bath as well as before going sleep. It is always better to choose a moisturizer that is oil based rather than water based. Oil-based moisturizers form a protective layer on the skin and hence give better protection. Our favourite one’s are these :-


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Start using a creamy facial cleanser. Cleansers, which you use to remove make-up usually, strip away moisture and during winter, this problem gets magnified. Use these foaming face washes to get rid of dry skin woes in winter. 

face wash

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Since you don’t sweat much in winter, don’t shampoo too often as it may dry out the scalp and hair. Use a mild shampoo and lukewarm water as very hot water can be harmful to your hair and scalp. And don’t forget the conditioner. Here are our favourite conditioners for the winters. 


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Use a moisturising lip balm or petroleum jelly to avoid chapped lips. Always carry it along and re-apply whenever necessary. Avoid licking the chapped lips as this will chap them even more. These are our picks for lip balms this season. 


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Winter-care regimen cannot miss out our favourite winter care product, which is of course the luxurious body butters. Use shea butter for the best results. We are crushing over these fabulous finds below. 


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Your hands, feet, knees and elbows need to be looked after too, during winter.For intense relief, moisturise hands and feet at night, and then slip on gloves or socks to lock in the moisture. Hand creams are a must! Invest in these favourites we listed down.


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Lastly, treat your hair with a nice oil massage; olive oil, coconut oil or whatever you prefer. Just remember to heat the oil before applying it. Do this twice or at least once a week to keep your hair moisturised. Use these premium hair oils to keep your hair and scalp healthy. 


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So girls, don’t forget to moisturize and hydrate yourself during these months. It’s extremely important to maintain that gorgeous skin of yours!!

What is your Winter-Care Regime?