The purpose of hats has always been to protect your head from the scorching sun.In India, considering the long summers in various states hats could play a really important role. BUT, hats have always been ignored and have been replaced by the Indian women wearing ‘pallus’ or ‘dupattas’ over their heads instead.

Two major reasons why hats haven’t been much in Indian fashion – Firstly the availability of it in India and secondly the knowledge of the different types of hats available.

So, let me help you get started !

  1. Floppy Hats

They have a large brim and offer maximum protection against the sun. These hats can be styled with almost anything from hot pants with fringe tops or long flowy dresses.


  1. Panama Hats

One of the most popular hats worldwide, these hats take weeks to weave. These hats can be teamed with outdoor apparels.

nargis hat

  1. Bowler hats

Bowler hats can we worn for any dressy occasion. They come in fur felt or wool felt. Very popular amongst celebrities.

sagarika hat

  1. Breton hats

What ever you want to call this style, fisherman cap, fiddler cap, captains hat or breton cap, it is a style that has been popular for a very long time for its simple, classic styling.

preity hat1

  1. Hatinators

It is usually a large decorative design attached to a band or clip, sometimes incorporating a base to resemble a miniature hat. Hatinators are a huge rave on race day!

aish hat2

 I hope this gives you a fair idea about hats. And do own one soon !