Most of us go through some bad moods sometimes or some of us even, for longer durations, in the form of depressions. However, it is definitely something that has a solution! The key to a happier and healthier living is to make a conscious effort to lift your spirits. Here are some of the popular tips that have worked for most people including myself:

  • Regular exercising in the form of gymming, yoga, zumba, dancing, anything that gets you going.
  • Eating on time and not skipping meals. Going hungry for longer hours has a negative effect sub-consciously on our mind.
  • Humor session. Laugh at anything or everything. Don’t hold yourself.
  • Right amount of sleep does wonders to your being high spirited.
  • Do some Meditation, preferably on a daily basis.
  • Listen to music, any music that does good for your soul. Keep a collection of your favourite songs handy.
  • Having a loving set of family and friends. Be there for them and they too will be there for you.
  • A pet at home can also help you over the bad mood.

So, what’s your bad mood lifter 🙂