We all look towards leading a happy and satisfying life. While doing so, it’s important to actively pursue your goals, for which you will need to learn to trust your own intuitions. The following tips will help you connect better with your intuitive side:

Trust Your Gut Feelings – You may sometimes find that you have the urge to do things for no apparent or obvious reason. These seemingly inexplicable pulls can actually lead you to discover something wonderful. And you feel so happy that you did that.

Take up something, out of the routine – Try doing something additional each week in order to open yourself up to new possibilities. Sometimes, indulge in something bold like a new sport or a dance class which you have been intimidated by. Or simple things like catch up over a coffee with an old friend, you haven’t seen for years.

Be open to making new connections – It’s a good idea to habitually connect with new people who cross your path. So, if you just have a gut feeling that someone is worth talking to, be brave and say the first word for eg. a compliment on an outfit etc is an easy way to initiate.

Don’t Delay Following Your Dreams – Start planning to do all the things you want now, rather than later or never. Make a list of about 8-10 most exciting stuff you would like to do. Start with doing one of them rightaway and strike them off your list. You can work your way to the ones that require more time, effort or money.

Affirmations – Finally, say the most powerful affirmations to yourself on a daily basis to become what you want to be.