To us women, it seems like some women are born with enviably smooth and clear skin. However, radiant skin needs a dedicated habit towards skin care. Just make up your mind to be consistent…and you will see wonders!

Commit to a daily skincare routine – Based on your skin type, develop a habit to cleanse, tone and mositurise every morning and every night before bedtime.

Apply sunscreen every single day  Sunscreen doesn’t just protect skin from painful sunburns and potential skin cancer, it also works to protect the skin from wrinkles, spotting and fine lines.

Choose skincare products wisely – Buy products based on your skin type. If possible, try to check others opinions as well as reviews of the product. And ofcourse, do check the date of manufacture & expiry.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet – Do include fruits, vegetables, nuts like almonds, walnuts etc in your daily diet. Also, make an effort to stay away from excess oil and sugar. 

Drink lots of water – It is the easiest way to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. Dehydration causes skin dryness & flakyness. Water can help replenish your skin, giving you a soft, healthy glow.

Sleep – Try to get atleast 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Preferably go to bed at the same time daily. It will refresh your skin, making your appearance more fresh.

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