When you visit a party or a mall, don’t you come across loads of women making big fashion blunders? How you wish, you could walk upto them to give a piece of your advice. But what if you are unaware of the fashion mistakes you are making. Read through some of the tips to avoid becoming a fashion faux pas victim:

Overly ripped jeans – Ripped jeans have been in trend but we see quite a few pairs that are that are ripped ridiculously. To avoid looking like a fashion victim, choose your distressed jeans with a few cuts and frays, rather than the ones with big holes, making the wearer look desperate for attention.

Slogan tees – A tee that talks is a desperate bid for attention. It’s a real put off to see stuff like “last clean t-shirt” or “own it” written on the chest. Someone who is confident doesn’t need that kind of advertisement or attention. So, stay away from such tees that may lead to people gossiping about you.

Muffin Top – Fit is everything! Getting the right fit in your clothing can take you from shabby to savvy. If you pride in wearing a smaller size jeans or trousers, you might want to make a change. When you wear your bottoms too tight, then the extra flesh falls out over the jeans/trousers, resulting in a muffin top. Larger as well as skinny women can make these styling mistakes. Mid rise bottoms with a good fit can help you overcome such goof-ups.

Right undergarments – The foundation to looking great is well supported undergarments and if required, shapewear too. It is the key aspect of getting dressed. It enhances the appearance of your outfit, along with making you more confident. Also, keep in mind the color of your undergarments should be in harmony with your clothing. For example, wearing nude bra rather than a white one under a white shirt will always look more appropriate.

Avoid over-accessorizing – Wearing statement jewelry to express your personal style is fun and fashionable, however wearing too many of them together is a fashion sin. You may end up looking like a christmas tree. Remember “Less is more” is an age old, wise saying that’s here to stay.