• Get started by wearing with a waist-to-floor length petticoat tied firmly at the waist with a drawstring and a fitted blouse that ends at the waist.
  • After which, start tucking the plain end of the saree into the petticoat from the centre front, wrapping from left to the right and back to the same centre point. Make sure that the lower end of the sari should be touching the floor.
  • Make about 5 to 8 pleats of equal width of 4-5 inches, starting at the tucked-in end. Gather the pleats together neatly and hold them up together so that they fall even and straight. Now tuck it into the petticoat making the pleats face the left side, while ensuring the pleats are neat and equal at the bottom as well. You can use a safety pin to secure the pleats.
  • Drape the remaining saree from left to right around your hips and under the right arm over to the front left shoulder, holding the top edge of the sari. This pallu can be pleated and secured on this shoulder or it can be as is with a safety pin fastened to the saree blouse left shoulder.
Complete your look with appropriate jewellery, make-up and a pair of heels.
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