Plus sizes are real women! Goes a lovely saying. And choosing right clothing will only enhance the full-figure! A perfect outfit should show your best assets as well as gracefully conceal the body variations.  Here are a few tips:

  • Identify your body shape and then dress accordingly to balance out any prominent body parts that you have. 
  • Wear brighter colors on the body parts where you want attention and darker ones on the other body parts to camouflage them.
  • Dress as per your scale by choosing larger prints and other design details, as smaller ones will make you look much larger.
  • You can opt for Vertical prints that gives a slightly leaner and taller look.
  • Wear bolder and chunkier accessories to complement your body shape and your clothing. This will also bring the attention more to your face than on your body.
  • Wearing heels will elongate your height, making you look less wide.

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Cheers to a beautiful you!