You often hear the word “Statement” with relevance to jewelry, clothing etc. What does it really mean?

Statement jewelry, clothes, accessories etc are items that are attractive and relatively quite eye-catching! They are usually quite bold and unique, but not necessarily brightly coloured and oversized. They are often, but not always, the thing that people notice first about your outfit.

Jewelry can be used to bring life to an outfit, be a striking necklace, chandelier earrings or even a chunky finger ring. So, what better way to do so than to complete your look with a bold, striking and attention-grabbing piece of a statement jewelry? Here are a couple of styling tricks:

  • Style one statement piece of jewelry with a simple outfit. Let this piece do the talking and reflect your personal style!


  • However, if you wish to wear more than one eye-catching piece, then opt for a couple of well coordinated jewelry items that allow one piece to be the dominant one and the others, as subordinate pieces. This will give an elegant look, without looking over the top.


Cheers to many “statement” looks!